Muse Belts offers a collection of handmade leather belts and cuffs that use no metal buckle. This unusual concept was borne from a gift my father gave to me as a child. He traveled to many places around the world and often brought back gifts from those travels. One day he came back from one of his trips and gave me a very special belt. As many years passed since that time I remembered that special gift he gave to me. I went to work and recreated it. I made a few changes in the design. Wearing that belt inspired me in many ways. While Muse is my brand and my last name, the term “muse” is often referred to as someone who inspires as my father inspired me.

We have been making our belts and cuffs since 2008. Our unique products are unlike any other. Scandinavian styled, simple in design and fashionably attractive, Muse Belts evoke memories of the 60s and the Bohemian Lifestyle. All of our belts and cuffs are NICKEL FREE for those who may have sensitive skin. We also use eco-friendly vegetable tanned leather.
We are presently in more than 30 stores worldwide and are found around the waistlines of beautiful people in 34 countries.


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  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Karl Muse while attending college in Colorado where I was introduced to this belt. I finally got one as a gift and find it to be a convenient and handy accessory. Great product by a great person.

  2. I bought a brown belt from you at farmer’s market in St Augustine. Loved it!! Received a black one as a gift from my son, who purchased it at the same location. Now, l’d like a navy one, but you are no longer there. How do I get one?

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